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Where does the fat go?

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  • Where does the fat go?

    Hey guys. Sharing some material that I have found both well made and simple enough for people outside of heath contexts (myself included) to appreciate.

    My main point of interest actually was the amount of wrong answers (> 90%) from the people (family doctors, dietitians and personal trainers) who aswered the question in the title: where does the weight a person loses go? Since this forum's audience is much better educated than the average, I invite you to think a minute about the question, before going to the material:
    Me gainzz

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    Ah yes. I watched the TEDx talk by Ruben a couple of weeks ago.


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      Cool indeed!

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    Wow, thanks for the info guys, both were very informative. I was as ignorant as most people Unfortunately chemistry was not my best subject in school haha.


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      Out your mouth and down the toilet. But that the stuff inside your cells, fat cells stick around forever and the only way to get rid of the cells is to have them sucked out :/


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        But that means losing fat contributes to climate change!

        Someone tell Rip he's fallen for a Chinese conspiracy to keep Americans fat.


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          Ya, I read about this a couple years ago and was surprised as well, I guess I had never thought about it prior to then.....Apparently Hyperventilating,.... not so much a viable way to lose fat..... not that I would know or anything... heard it from a friend


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            Brad Pitts soap business..

            Click image for larger version

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