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  • Online program recommendations?

    I soon will graduate w/ my degree to teach high school science. It seems unlikely that I will ever want to change careers for quite a long time. For those that don't know, getting your masters degree or above is quite lucrative as a teacher bc it places you much higher up the payscale - so I will be getting a Masters degree at least.
    I'd like for this degree to not bore me to tears, so I'm looking for something that's heavy on the science/math/research and is related to exercise/health in some fashion (in other words, not another teaching degree). It also needs to be online, unfortunately, since I live in the middle of nowhere and I work full time and have kids.
    Some of the "exercise science" degrees I've seen out there look fishy in terms of curriculum, so I'm hoping somebody out there might have a good recommendation or two, if not kinesiology or exercise science, something that might be interesting that would best complement my lifting obsession?