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A Moral Dilemma

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  • A Moral Dilemma

    I think many of us have been exposed to a lot of bullshit when it comes to training and nutrition. It seems anyone with any type of social media can post what they want, claim that what they preach is right because they have the body that everyone wants and prey on the uninformed by selling pathetic training programs and laughable diets. But most of these "training gurus" hide something else that will expose them.

    This brings me back to the title of this topic, A Moral Dilemma. I do not want to give specifics on the people or places involved, just bare with me.

    Sometimes I get the privilege to train at my mates gym after hours when it is closed and we get the whole gym to ourselves. At this specific gym they also do hormone replacement therapy for older gentlemen that no longer have the testosterone like they once did, they have an onsite Doctor and everything is by the books....sort of...

    This Doctor gets these drugs in wholesale for $10 a shot and sells them for $60 each.

    We were training one day and he tells me of this particular person that comes in for his hormones.

    This particular person is probably no older than 25 and very fit looking. Obviously someone who looks like they don't need any hormones. However he does use them for personal gain. Not to sell them to other people. But to use them and sell training programs and diets, claiming on social media that he is natural and that he got his body following his programs which he sells for $200. And business is booming for him.

    My mate could easily take a photo of this particular person walking out with his drugs and expose him like every other person like him should be. However the implications that would occur is that, he could get fired for doing what I think should be done. So I guess in the meantime he has to let it go and keep coaching his clients and pay his bills.

    So what is the purpose of this topic?

    Well first, sometimes we just have to ignore and see through these phonies. And know what we are doing by building strength has shown us all what amazing results we have made.

    And secondly, I think we have to be thankful for Jordan, Austin and The Starting Strength Community for taking the time and us all proper advice when it comes to Training, Nutrition and Medicine. There is no other place like it, that gives us basically free advice.

    Cheers guys.

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    Your question could be rephrased: "Is it worth risking a friend's job to expose someone lying on the internet?"

    No, it is not.