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The inevitable burn out

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  • The inevitable burn out

    Hey all,
    I am experiencing this really hard right now, but I can’t make myself get into the gym and keep going. There’s a part of me that says I need to get in there, but I’m not motivated and just can’t do it. I suppose I’m just not enjoying lifting right now but also don’t want to lose my strength gains. How do you all handle this?
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    It happens ,I just keep going knowing I may not be fully into for that day , week, month eventually you pop out of it and go back to enjoying the session or if your lucky once your there and in the middle of it you realize your having fun .


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      What's your programming look like right now? In these situations, I find it helps to change things up and do something different for awhile. Sometimes even just taking 1-2 weeks to do a 'pivot' (aka just do whatever you want in the gym and have fun - use machines, try dumbbells, banded tempo sumo box squats? sure why not.) can help a lot and make you feel fresh. Or changing to a hypertrophy block if you've been pounding away at high intensity for awhile, or maybe try peaking/testing just for the fun of it if it motivates you. Don't worry about any 'lost strength gainz' during this phase, you'll easily get it all back when you go back to a strength oriented block of trianing.


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        I am on the tail end of the bridge 1.0 (high stress week), except I haven’t made it into the gym I’m not really doing the week. But I like the idea of a do what I want in the gym thing. Maybe I’ll try a hypertrophy thing.