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    I am sure that I am not alone out there, but I have a really hard time finding pants that fit. They're usually really tight around my upper thighs, butt, and groin, but very very loose around the waist. I have tried getting "athletic" cut pants from old navy but then they're super baggy around the knees.

    Anyone have any suggestions of where they shop?

    I typically wearing a 34 waist and 36 inseam as I am 6'4" 218lbs

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    I have great luck with Levi's 541 jeans. They sit a little higher on the waist so bagginess isn't an issue (if you wear a belt), and they have just enough room in the thighs without being loose and unflattering.

    I used to wear Levi's straight fit jeans but found they were way too tight in the thigh after I started barbell training. The switch to their 541 style was a good move.


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      There was an 35 page topic on this back when I was active on the SS forums.

      Edit: My waist is 32.25 with 24.5" thighs, and I wear Levi's 33" 559's or 569's. The 559's are tighter on the ass and thighs, but the Mrs likes how that looks and I don't climb ladders every day any more so I indulge her. The 569's are much more comfy. Having to go up an inch on the waist, both have extra room at the waist, the 569's more so.

      I think I tried the 541's on advice in the above linked topic, and the 33's looked like skinny jeans cut for an athelete on me. I'm too old for that hipster shit.

      On a side note, when I started squatting, my trusty old belt developed a kink at the top where it passes through the back loop due to the new slope to the top of my glutes.
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      Forum topics and other links I've found useful


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        I am slowly (and maybe a little begrudgingly) moving on from jeans to chinos. More room and more comfy.

        The kink at the back of the belt? Yeah, every belt I have has those... I was always thunder thighs / bumper bum.


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          Just take them to a seamstress. The added cost is nothing compared to the supreme comfort that a pair of pants that fit you just right have.


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            I understand you, I rarely buy pants because of the complexity of choice. Last fall, I ordered some cool wide-leg joggers. They fit me perfectly, I couldn't find these in stores in my town. I wanted to order a few more pairs because they turned out to be the only ones in my closet. But they have been out of stock for a few months now... I am thinking of looking for some pants on Amazon. They have good quality clothes. I've bought a few things for the baby recently
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              **Deleted, just realized very old thread. Was deceived by response above, which appears to be a fake account. Apologies if it's a real person interested in this forum.**
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