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    I was thinking that it could be interesting to create a thread where we can share recipes or ideas for cooking meals. I work as a cook myself and I like to cook at home. I am tracking my macros to achieve my goals but I also like to eat for pleasure so I usually try to mix both approaches: eating for pleasure and eating To Be a Beast. Fitting your macros and having stimulating meals it's not always easy. You get bored of eating always the same, you run out of ideas, etc.
    I thought that it would be great to share some recipes, ideas for meals or even things that we like to eat that can help others make their eating a little bit more fun and easy.

    In this community, you can find people from different countries and different cultural backgrounds so we can have a great variety of recipes.

    To make things more useful it would be great to add the following information in your post:
    • name
    • picture
    • a brief description of the recipe, no need to go step by step.
    • quantities of the main ingredients. by weight (grams or pounds/ounces) and not by volume to be more accurate.
    • macros. The overall split of macros in grams can be very helpful to fit the recipe in your diet or to scale it to your needs. Use the USDA Food Composition Database for more reliable information.

    United States Department of Agriculture Food Composition Databases

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    I will do the first post:

    Mussels and cuttlefish fideuà - 1025kcal 80P/21F/120C
    • 150g fideuà noodles (or any kind of noodles) - 575kcal 21P/6F/105C
    • 300g mussels. around 150g meat - 130kcal 18P/3F/6C
    • 200g cuttlefish - 200kcal 40P/2F/2C
    • 100g spring onion - 32kcal 2P/0F/7C
    • 500ml fish stock (or water) - 0
    • 10ml oil - 90kcal 0P/10F/0C
    • salt, paprika, and parsley
    Variation of a traditional spanish recipe, you can use any kind of fish or seafood you like. You can put more liquid to make it more like a soup or less liquid and let the noodles absorve all the liquid as they cook. You can fry the onion and cuttlefish with some oil for better flavor or skip the frying to spare this extra fat. Anyway it is pretty low fat if you make sure you mesure your oil properly.
    With 10ml of oil brown the onion, add the cuttlefish and at the end a little bit of paprika. Then add the fish stock, noodles and mussels and let it simmer until the noodles are ready.
    Garnish with some parsley.

    Click image for larger version

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