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  • Barbell Medicine supplement availability on and

    I just tried to find GainzZz Rx whey and the workout matrix on Amazon, but neither came up in my search. I used several search terms - barbell medicine with and without quotes, barbell medicine supplements, gainzZz, workout matrix - but nothing related to the products came up in the search results. I know Leah wrote in another forum about a week ago that will be stocking it again soon. The last time I checked on Amazon, at least the workout matrix showed up in the search. This time, nothing.

    Does anyone know if Amazon is going to stock any of the products at all? Also, are we going to be able to order Barbell Medicine's whey from Seems like there might be a supplier issue if we can't purchase it from Barbell Medicine. Or, perhaps Barbell Medicine doesn't want to be in the distribution business, which I totally understand. However, I love the whey; it's the best I've ever tasted. Not only that, but it's the only whey I can mix with a liquid or yogurt using just a spoon. I love that about it. Plus when you mix it with yogurt, it tastes like a light chocolate parfait. Delish!

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    Yes, it will all be up and available any day. It's all getting distributed and stocked now. We are just learning a lot about manufacturers, run dates that don't happen, snow that closes things down...We've learned a lot and things should get better and better.


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      Thank you, Leah. I'm looking forward to being able to purchase the whey again - whoever you have manufacturing it does a great job. I'm running low and have been judiciously using my supply. I already have another bottle of the workout matrix.