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  • Strength training app

    I’m just starting to get into the strength training world and 1) I haven’t found a good app to track workout details to the level of things like RPE and 2) I start a job in September using a programming language I don’t know so I want to make an app to learn.

    I’m interested to hear from people on this forum about what you use to track workouts, any frustrations you have, anything you would change, etc. And if you do use an app already- what do you like about it, what features do you wish it had?

    I’m interested to hear any opinions to see if I could make something actually useful!

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    I've been using spread sheets through the Google Drive app. You can make your own fairly easily if you have a basic understanding of excel, and it syncs globally. Even if you're not great eith excel, there are generally premade spreadsheets out there for most popular programs.

    I did use the starting strength app for my LP, and I found it clunky on android. It constantly got stuck, and certain windows would put the app in landscape until I exited. Although, It did have some nice features, like visual plate math and an adjustable rest timer.


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      the one Im using, great statistics



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        I’ve been using a composition notebook and pen for years now. Afterwards I can transpose it into an excel spreadsheet if I need to see statistics, but nothing is as frustrating to me as wasting time during a work out fiddling with technology.


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          I really like Tabata HIIT Interval Timer - a great app!
          I want to make a fitness app and I plan to take this application as a basis


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            I've been using Gravitus!


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              Strength Club
              GO HAM for TM.


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                Trainerize is pretty good with decent metrics the client experience is also nice and logically presented..

                coach me plus is also very good excellent metrics injury tracker Etc.

                train heroic is really nice but the metrics suck.

                the interaction during workout is minimal and I much prefer it over pen and paper. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to write stuff down and thr sweat wipes everything away!


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                  Thank you for sharing!


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                    Thank you for sharing!