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I've seen the memes, but never before in real life.

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  • I've seen the memes, but never before in real life.

    I'm waiting for some guy to finish his curls so that I can use the rack to squat.

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    I watched someone curl in the power rack with a Swiss bar yesterday....10lbs a side. Beast Mode. First time I've witnessed this at the new gym, I would see it several times a week at LA Fitness when I was a member there.


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      that's because Rip in SS3rd wrote to use the standard barbell for curls.


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        Unfortunately this is alllllll too common in my gym. Also common in my gym; everyone wearing Adidas and Nike weightlifting shoes but never actually squatting or doing any oly lifts. it's like a circus :S


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          Step 1) Buy metcons
          Step 2) Be so confused yourself, you confuse your muscles
          Step 3) Gains


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            I see this virtually every time I go to the gym. There are people I see regularly in my gym that, as far as I know, have never done anything but a variation on a bicep exercise.
            I am one of the first in the weight room every morning and usually get my choice, but I see a constant rotation of people doing any number of exercises that could be done just as effectively outside of a rack taking up the rack opposite me while I do my squats.