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    Sorry if this has been addressed already, I was unable to find the information. I recently purchased the beginner template and was wondering if it requires a computer or if I am able to use it on my smart phone as I don't own a computer?

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    I don't think it's practical to use the template on a screen that small. You should have Open Office or Excel. Even the online version of Excel was pretty bad.


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      Thanks for the help


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        I've been using BBM templates (the legacy ones) primarily on mobile for a while now. It is definitely a bit clunky but it can be done and I find it way more convenient to just use my phone than to bring a laptop to the gym or use a paper-log.


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          I have the new Beginner Template, and it sort of [email protected]'s my phone. I have access to a computer at home, so I would make a small google sheets file with my calculated workout to bring to the gym.

          I even bought a couple of paper notebooks to use, but they haven't arrived yet. The google sheets are great because they can help give me some warm-up numbers while I am learning how to do RPE and the new program. I just completed week one, and I love the program so far.

          For example, once I get the lifts, reps, and estimated weights from the template I punch them into the green areas. I add the bar weight and then the sheet calculates how much weight needs to be added to each side of the bar. As I complete each set I enter my RPE. Then I transfer this information back into the template when I'm back at the computer.

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