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  • Bar rust

    How do you guys get rid of it? My bar has few rusted spots so I wanted to give her a treatment

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    Scrub it down with a nylon brush. Do not use a wirebrush of any kind to knock the rust off as that will only make it rust faster after you clean. The key after this is to go buy some 3-in-1 Oil, and apply it to the bar with a lint-free cloth every so often.


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      Tnx, the bar looks brand new now


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        Spray Phosphoric Acid. It will convert the red rust to black and black rust will protect the surface from further rusting. Will also give the bar a black patina.
        WD-40 is another idea.


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          Citric Acid Powder and water will do wanders for a rusty barbell. Just don't try to spray paint it chrome after thinking it will look pretty forever and ever **hangs head in shame** ya I tried it, still get paint on my hands when I dead lift, sigh.... seriously though citric acid works amazing and super easy!!

          Good luck!!
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