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    Hello everyone, my question is simple I was thinking of doing a Starting Strength course with the new coach development academy program they have introduced this year. I was following Starting Strength for a couple of years now, I always enjoyed lectures and blogs by Dr Baraki and Dr Feigenbaum, and this is the reason I am asking this question here, as I feel this forum is more friendly and open to different ideas.
    In your opinion is it worth becoming a Starting Strength coach? I know that Starting Strength coaches are some of the best in the strength industry, but I have several concerns regarding the whole SS community and how it is being marketed. On one hand SS is all about the right form/technique of exercise, and I have seen videos and photos of some of the main coaches teaching it incorrectly. I also feel that the SS credential is being artificially advertised/sold as being very difficult to pass, just to keep the pricing of seminars, and then coaching itself very expensive. I also feel like they are only focused on the US forgetting and neglecting Europe for example, they always say how doing a seminar in Europe is too expensive and they would not make any money on it, and this seems very close minded too me.
    My list of concerns also includes the way they seem to handle people on forum, the rude answers to some questions and treating some people like idiots, i find it very unprofessional. In my opinion everybody who expresses interest in training method and askes even stupid questions should be treated with respect, they are potential customers and I think that every business should strive to get more customers.
    Also I heard that there are some disputes about online training (what I am most interested in) between SS and Barbell Logic. Barbell logic also has their own course to become a coach, but they seem to focus more on online training.
    I was also considering just doing the course for the knowledge and experience without going to the seminar and doing the SS exam.
    I also want to say keep it up with your own seminars, I see that the one in Berlin is already sold out, I would love to attend it as I am in Netherlands now. Are there plans for Barbell Medicine credential? I would certainly chose it over SS, simply because I like your open minded approach to training and excellent customer service, also the nutrition part is exceptional.