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Welcoming Jordan to America's Finest City

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  • Welcoming Jordan to America's Finest City

    So after listening to the most recent podcasts, I heard that the esteemed Dr.
    Jordan Feigenbaum
    Jordan Feigenbaum is now a resident of America's Finest City (San Diego for those who don't know)!

    As a rare native in a city of transplants, I wanted to welcome him and let him know (and anyone else that travels here) about the most important hidden gems any city has to offer: food.

    So first off, there is Casa Machado ( which is located at the Montgomery Airport. Fantastic Mexican food, amazing margaritas and a really cool ambiance being on the second floor of the terminal of the regional airport closest to downtown San Diego. You get to see lots of small planes and helicopters flying in and out all the time plus Harrison Ford comes through sometimes.

    Next, is Market Bar and Grill ( in Del Mar. Some of the best food I've had in my life (also first restaurant I went to that served an amuse bouche). They label themselves as California Fusion so there are a lot of influences and options. Their specialty is a braised beef short rib that was so tender that it was almost like a meat jelly.

    Then there is Cafe Di Roma ( in Imperial Beach. A really nice, intimate Italian restaurant run by a family that had parents from Italy, still regularly returns and also used to run a much larger and upscale restaurant in Coronado for years. Definitely a balling on a budget option because they have very reasonable prices for incredibly authentic food.

    Sticking in the South Bay, Tacos El Gorda ( is one of the best taco shops in a city of brilliant taco shops. I would recommend going to the H Street location because it is the original and the best but be ready for a minimum of a 20 minute wait pretty much any time of day. Definitely worth it though and you'll have the opportunity to try a much wider variety of tacos fillings than you will at many other shops.

    Out East by where I live, there is an awesome deli called Sandwich Bags ( I am a big fan of the #8 which is a Chicken Pesto Panini but everything is fantastic plus the owner Art is a fantastic gentleman who managed upscale restaurants in La Jolla for years before living his dream of owning his own small place.

    Lastly, in Fallbrook there is another amazing Italian restaurant called Trupiano's ( I actually had my rehearsal dinner there and went back for my first wedding anniversary so I will admit some bias and that it holds a special place in my heart. However, everyone in my wedding part did think the food was awesome so it probably isn't just me. Definitely make sure you have some tiramisu because it is the best I've had this side of my 2 month study abroad in Roma Capitale.

    I will also warn you that people will probably tell you that you have to go to Phil's Barbeque ( and if you get a hankering for BBQ it is probably your best bet in San Diego but with all that time in you life spent in St. Louis, I fear you'll be underwhelmed.

    Also, if there are any other natives or long time residents that want to give a shout out to their own hidden gems of the city, I would love to know what I haven't yet discovered!

    Thanks for the read everyone.

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    I wanted to...let him know (and anyone else that travels here) about the most important hidden gems any city has to offer: food.

    as an out-of-towner, and one of those anyone elses, i appreciate the recommendations - look forward to trying your picks

    THANKS! bobby


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      I've been to San Diego a few times one of my favorite cities to visit. Not sure what the local's take is but...

      The Taco Stand in La Jolla: Had great fish and shrimp tacos and that burrito with french fries in it, if you're into that sort of thing.

      The Cottage also in La Jolla: Cool breakfast place in an upscale La Jolla vibe, best pancakes I've ever had.

      Pizza Port in Ocean Beach: Big Place w/ good pizza and tons of beers. You sit at these long picnic tables with all the other folks eating. We met some semi-pro rugby guys.


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        Never been to The Taco Stand or The Cottage but I don't really go to the La Jolla area that much so not surprised. I will keep an eye out for them next time I head down that way though so thanks for the shout out on those!

        And your comment about a burrito with fries in it made me laugh because that's a "California Burrito" and you can find it at pretty much any taco shop here but I guess it is kind of weird maybe? I'm too indoctrinated to make a good judgement.

        For Pizza Port, it's definitely a cool spot that I've been to a good amount of times but I guess I'm so saturated with it that I don't think of it as a "hidden gem." Everyone in town seems to know about it and their beer is available now in a lot of grocery stores. Still definitely an awesome place to drop in while in town though!


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          Good stuff. Pizza Port was just a cool hangout place. We had just been to the Sunset Cliffs and I was feeling the SoCal vibes hard. Will try some of your reccos next time I get back there.