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    I consider myself a still fairly “thin” guy by powerlifting standards at 5’9 and 185ish, but jeans that fit seam to be harder to come by. Just not enough room in the thighs for me to move around.

    I don’t really even buy nice jeans, mostly jeans for work and everyday (I live on a farm). But all you can find these days is taper leg, slim fit, etc.

    I currently get relaxed fit, boot cut, wranglers, they also have flex. Do people not make loose fit jeans anymore?!?

    Where do you guys buy jeans?

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    It's a work in progress for me. I have been buying American Eagle jeans, which have a stretch component to them. I get the straight jeans, and have to buy a size that is a bit looser in the waist than I'd prefer so they fit better in the thighs. The do make a relaxed fit jean that they don't care in the stores. You have to order it online, and I've not tried them yet. I hope to try those soon, and think maybe that'll let them fit a little better in the waist without being so tight in the thighs.


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      Relaxed carpenter jeans seem to fit much better than the old standby 5 pocket jeans.

      In order to get jeans big enough to allow me to put things in the pockets I usually buy 2" larger* than I "need" and always look for pockets that open diagonally rather than horizontally as this is my clue that a certain pair of jeans will work for me. I'm not sure why this characteristic is an indicator of a more spacious cut, but it seems to follow through several brands.

      *: most "loose fit" men's pants measure approximately 2" larger than their stated waist size. If you buy size 38 pants, they will measure 40".


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        Highly recommend the levi denizen 231. Plenty of room and a good stretch as well.


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          Thanks for recommendations guys. We have a Duluth Trading store near by that I actually dropped by today. After I put their pants on I was sold enough that I bought 3 different pairs. I bought a pair of jeans, a par of carpenter firehose work pants similar to carhart, as well as a pair of fleeced lined firehose. They all have flex and extra fabric (gusset) in the crotch that make all the difference in the world. The jeans fit nicely without being baggy, get the dark indigo and they look good enough to wear anywhere.

          They do have good marketing obviously which int imbued me enough to look at them but wasn't sold on the $50-$60 price tag till I put them on. I don't think I've spent that much on a pair of jeans in my life but I definitely think it will be worth it.


          • Serack
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            I haven't tried them, but I have a co-worker who swears by them, and makes a big deal about the triple stitched seams and gusset. Won't wear anything else.

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          Just go for Levi's 541 Athletic Fit Jeans
          Pretty much the best bang for your buck that you can find out there.


          • Fosterions
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            Yeah, I second that. I have a couple pairs of those. Good fit. The denim itself is a bit weak and wears easily. wash with care.

            A pricier option is Fidelity jeans. They've got some models with good stretch.

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          Also give Costco's Urban Star a look. I've bought them blind off Amazon and they're a good, inexpensive, and solid solution for squatter's thighs.


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            Originally posted by leGDE View Post
            Just go for Levi's 541 Athletic Fit Jeans
            Pretty much the best bang for your buck that you can find out there.
            I like Levis brand jeans. I think this is the best that can be. They look pretty cool and sexy. My favorite model is Levi's Men's 511 Slim Fit Jean (I bought it at a discount of 50% on SevenDeals) I also like kenneth cole jeans, (though I took them for a long time and I can’t name it for sure) It’s hard not to look at Levi's Men's 511 Slim Fit sagging like most jeans of this brand. They perfectly combine business and at the same time sporty style) This is just my advice, the choice is yours.


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              I have had success recently w ith Old Navy Athletic cut jeans.


              I bought a pair expecting them to be flimsy and too narrow, but I was pleasantly surprised to find them plenty roomy through the thighs (for me, actually a bit TOO roomy), and they've held up really well in three months of heavy wear.

              I'm a fairly lean guy, so YMMV, but I'd definitely suggest giving them a try.


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                wrangler original cowboy cut (13mwz). buy a touch large and shrink to fit and/or wear suspenders if acceptable. (should be fine if they're work clothes.). regularly available for under $25, beat the tits off anything else I've ever owned for durability, and if sized right totally acceptable in fit and color as fashion denim.


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                  It's so hard to find well fitting cloths for people who are actually at a healthy weight. Companies obviously cater to the masses and, unfortunately, the masses are over weight. If you're fit and at a healthy weight for your height, buy Dickies pants!


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                    I used Levi’s 541’s for a long time. Their quality seemed to decline in recent years though. I have been wearing 2 pairs of Revtown jeans in the “Sharp” cut and they have been the best fit and feel I’ve had in a long time. Time will tell how they will wear as I’ve find a lot of jeans with substantial amounts of spandex in them tend to reach a point when they eventually “bust” and loose their stretch but so far so good. Areas of note: the “sharp” cut is kind of an athletic cut, roomy in seat and thigh and tapered legs. I have pretty large quads (some cuts and brands I can’t even pull into my leg) but this cut is great. The length is longer than most brands. I usually wear a 34” long (I’m 6’ 1”) and 32” fit great.
                    Hope that helps!


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                      I had the same problem and went to Duluth as well. Ended up spending around $400 on pants because I liked them so much.


                      • DorianStarbuck
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                        You spent $400 on a pair of pants?

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                      A lot of jeans models for men and women you can find in online store


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                        Originally posted by metoheg17
                        I'm finding it hard to get a pair of jeans that fit me well, they're either too tight around the thighs or too loose at the waist. I've resorted to using a belt that is done up tight which isn't comfortable and bunches up making them look saggy.

                        Long story short narrower waist larger thighs, what can you suggest?
                        Have you looked at the suggestions already made in this thread? I stand by my Old Navy "athletic cut" jeans recommendation. They're surprisingly roomy in the thighs.