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  • When to enter a meet

    I've decided that I do eventually want to do a meet (hoping for next year). What are the minimum squat/bench/deadlift that you would recommend someone in their mid 30s and ~200lb be able to do before registering for a meet?

    I just don't want to embarrass myself.

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    There are no minimums and I think you've overestimating how much people really care how much you lift.

    If you're interested in a meet, I'd just sign up and go.


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      What Dave said. You're not going to embarrass yourself.

      Think of it from the other side. Even if you saw a 200 lb 30-year-old guy squatting only 100 lb at a meet, would you judge them? Or would you just think it's cool that they're competing?
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        Take a deep breath and sign up for a local meet.

        Not that long ago I was told that if I wanted to improve, that I should sign up for a meet. My response was the same as your, I told my coach: I don't want to make a fool of myself. Fortunately he reassured me that he wouldn't let that happen, and so I took the plunge.

        It was the best decision of my athletic career.

        Not to say there wasn't some trepidation along the way. I reached out to folks with more experience to help me find my way, and I suggest you do the same ( tip o' the cap to Leah Lutz for being that person many years ago ).


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          Originally posted by Sean Herbison View Post
          Even if you saw a 200 lb 30-year-old guy squatting only 100 lb at a meet, would you judge them?
          Hell No! That’d be totes awesome!
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            problem solved!
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              Sorry Leah


              • Leah Lutz
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                Thanks, Radford!
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              I would never actually judge a hypothetical lifter in a hypothetical meet. If my two word internet post stops anyone from realizing their powerlifting dreams, for that I’m truly sorry. Would you like me to delete or edit it?


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                Originally posted by Radford McAwesome View Post
                I would never actually judge a hypothetical lifter in a hypothetical meet.
                I assumed it was sarcastic. That's why we have /s.


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                  I realize you think I am over-reacting, but two word posts can be just as thoughtless as longer posts. Maybe you thought you were being funny. I don't know. You get to do whatever you see fit as I did what I saw fit in addressing a post that was made counter to the thoughtful advice otherwise found in this thread.


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                    I’ll edit, don’t be mad at me, Leah.


                    • Leah Lutz
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                      Cool! Thank you. I can be sensitive sometimes about these things as I get A LOT of feedback from new and cautious lifters, men and women, who feel out of place, judged, and very unsure of themselves. I have taken lifters to meets who were almost overwhelmed with embarrassment and nervousness about the event. I also hear from people on a regular basis that online lifting communities are tough to break into and seem harsh. So I really don't want this place to be that. :-)

                      Again, thank you! We worked it out. <3

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                    Ok. So, it sounds like the consensus is to just go ahead and make the plunge. I'll start looking into meets that happen in the Fall 2020 within a 45min drive of Kansas City. I think that should be plenty of time for me to get prepped.

                    I'm moving into Phase III of the beginner template in a couple weeks, so I'll see what my 1 @ 8 is for the different movements. I'll follow that up with Powerbuilding I. Then I'll be doing the Endurance template late winter/early spring because I do spring races with my wife. After that, I'll just switch over to Strength I.

                    Current lifts as of this week:
                    Squat [email protected] 225lb
                    Deadlift [email protected] 255lb
                    Bench [email protected] 180lb

                    I'm not sure what type of gains i'll make after a year (I've been weightlifting since June), but I'm excited to keep going.

                    Thanks everyone for chiming in!

                    BTW, Radford, I figured it was sarcasm.


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                      10-4, good luck when/if you decide to compete!


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                        I don't know man. I've been in places where I wasn't seeing progress, and that was holding me back from signing up to a meet.

                        Part of it is to do it and see how you like it. If you really like it, that gives you a sport to practice for and train for. If you don't like it, that's great information to get too.

                        It makes the training much more concrete and purposeful.


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                          Leah Lutz is the hero we need. Her testimonial is the lifting article I refer non lifters to the most.
                          Forum topics and other links I've found useful


                          • Leah Lutz
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                            Thank you, Serack. We have so many great people around here-including all you cool folks in this thread!