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Drilling holes in a belt

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  • Drilling holes in a belt

    Hey guys so like a pleb brought a Inzer belt large as my strength shop belt was large but guess what!
    yup it’s too bloody big on the last notch it’s still loose!

    Do do you guys recommend drilling it ? or sell it and try and buy another one the right bloody size!

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    Can't you return it/swap it if you haven't used it and still have all the tags etc?


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      I’m not familiar with your belt but after a cut I bought one of these and hammered 2 more holes into my leather Pioneer belt. The holes look identical to the factory ones.


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        If you would need to potentially drill that many holes (to provide you several smaller options), that also means the tongue of the belt will be quite long. I'd attempt to return or sell this one and buy the right size.


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          Thanks for the advice I’m going to attempt to put two notches in it and hope it works.

          The problem is it’s brand new but I got it second hand off someone who brought it and got it delivered to the uk.

          Leah Lutz
          Leah Lutz i will attempt to put two notches in the belt I think this should be ok as it feels like it needed one notch to be tight but has not been broken in yet.

          What you think ?

          Thabks for everyones input it’s much appreciated.


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            Sure you can do that. I would prefer a smaller belt, but it's a workable solution.


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              A note related to the mis-sizing question, for anyone who might happen upon this thread: I ordered a 2.5” Best belt in the same size as my 4” Best belt, not realizing that the 2.5” would cinch two holes smaller. As a result, when I’m at my leanest, the 2.5” is on the last notch. Wish I had a smaller belt because even without punching an extra hole the tongue is quite long.


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                When my workout buddy finally bought a belt this spring, they sent him a size smaller than he ordered and he had to suck it in a little to get into the first notch. The company said "keep it" and sent him the one he ordered in addition to the smaller one.

                Fast forward to now, and he only has 1 spare notch in the smaller belt. I tell him as awesome as it is to have seen him get so strong, I'm more proud of the limited input I had in assisting him to get below the 40" waistline metric as it is more likely to have an impact on his health for his kids sake.
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