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Questions about building a deadlift platform

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  • Questions about building a deadlift platform

    So, I'm planning on building Alan Thrall's platform from this vid ( and I was wondering: would the platform be any quieter if I doubled up on the stall mats in building this? I'm planning on building a garage gym and trying to minimize noise as much as possible. Anybody try this out, and have any tips about building this?

    Thanks all

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    I have enough loose mats to run this experiment for you (I doubled them up while deadlifting). Have to say that I didn't notice any difference in noise between single and double layers.


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      Thanks for the reply!


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        The plates simply clanging together also account for much of the racket, so pushing them firmly together and holding them there with a decent collar when you load the bar can also help.
        My garage is located down the far end of the house near the kids bedrooms.
        So I also get around this issue by blasting music loud enough to drown out the sound of the plates hitting the floor.


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          I was using 2x tractor supply stall mats to make up for a smaller than standard outer diameter (OD) plates. I then got standard OD plates and switched to just 1x stall mat. No difference in sound. Less rebound with 1x though, which was welcome. I wouldn’t recommend doubling the mats.