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Diabetic insulin and unfair performance edge?

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  • Diabetic insulin and unfair performance edge?

    First post here. Just a curiosity and didn’t know where to post or ask. A female athlete recently broke the ATWR total. This athlete is type 1 diabetic and I’m assuming she is using insulin to manage. Now I just noticed she is incredibly lean and jacked. Not trying to take away from her hard work at all, for which I know she puts in plenty. But could the use of insulin, knowingly or unknowingly give her an advantage, whether through muscle growth or some other mechanism. I don’t know a lot about the mechanism of how insulin works but I just am familiar with it’s abuse in the bodybuilding community. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    I'm about as far from an expert on this subject as you can get, but I think that taking insulin to treat diabetes simply leads to a normal insulin response.


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      I did some light digging online and wasn’t finding much, which led me to believe that it’s a non-issue. So no big deal. Thanks for the response.