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How are you Coping with confinement during SARS-CoV-2 or COVID 19?

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  • How are you Coping with confinement during SARS-CoV-2 or COVID 19?

    I consider myself extremely lucky, I have two jobs both of which I can do from home, I am stuck in a house with an adorable great dane and two of the best young adults on earth and we all really like each other. I have food, a gym in my basement and hey I even have toilet paper (as of now not sure how long that will last, thank goodness I also have a bidet!). Oh I also have lots of areas in which I can walk and enjoy outside life. I mean really does it get better than I have it??? I don’t think so!!! I also know that my disposition leads me to find the best in a lot of situations which although to some people can be EXTREMELY annoying it kinda works for me!

    In saying that, it is important to have a toolbox full of coping skills at this time and I thought I would share some of mine and encourage others to share theirs as much of the world is going through some type of shelter in place or stay at home situation. I applaud all of you doing your civic and ethical responsibility in doing what you can to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2/ COVID-19, it’s not easy. .

    In no particular order, here are just some of my go to’s and I am aware not everyone can do all of these things due to restrictions in your area or your situation:
    1. Go for a walk with a friend (go for a walk in different areas and/or at least 6 ft apart while talking on the phone so you get exercise and socializing all at the same time)
    2. GET OUTSIDE if you are able (I get this is coming from an American suburban area and not everyone has that luxury if you do..get out there!!)
    3. Take this opportunity to learn something NEW! Want to learn a new language, play an instrument or about a subject you never had time before, well now is the time and you can literally learn ANYTHING on youtube.
    4. Many gyms, coaches and yoga studios are giving FREE on-line classes, live streaming classes on instagram or daily workouts! Use these!! I commend all of these businesses that are supporting the general public by giving free classes and options for at home workouts.
    5. This is sooo important!! Look at each day, at the end of everyday write down 3-5 positive things you did or that happened during the day. This does not have to be huge things, it could be you connected with a friend or you found an incredible show on netflix or you didn’t actually run out of toilet paper, these do not have to be big things, they can be positive moments. The reason I suggest writing it down is so that we can look at it later when we are not feeling great and can remember those positive moments. If you do nothing else, try to do this!
    6. Connect with someone daily, I don't care if it is a co-worker, friend, family or neighbor… Now is a great time to send a quick email, text or call someone to just check in. Someone told me that they don’t know their co-workers like that, I say if we usually work next to someone we can reach out just to see how they are doing.
    7. Go through all that junk you usually don’t have time to go through and donate it … Oh and if you have medical supplies please consider donating them to your local hospital our medical staff are risking their health daily...lets take care of them.
    8. If you are working from home and are not used to working from home, build a schedule! Make sure you have a start and stop time, and an agenda for the day, I have talked to many work at home people this week in that they forget to have boundaries and end up always working when at home. Also build in breaks in which you can do a brief walk around the block or jumping jacks, lunges something to break the monotony of the day. Recess helps us refocus!
    9. Use this time to do home improvements you have just not had time to do, completing things makes us feel accomplished.
    10. Have a virtual dinner party, brunch, lunch or coffee with friends.
    11. If you don’t live alone, pull out those dusty board games and deck of cards and enjoy time together, we have been given the gift of quality time together which can be a gift or curse, I am working on making it a huge gift!! Also if you do live alone get a person on video and play the game together!
    12. Cook something you have never tried to do before and tell your family the only response is “Wow, this is good, thank you!” That last part is super important!
    13. Snuggle on the couch together and watch a movie
    14. Read those 800 books you bought and have never had time to read (or am I the only one that does that)
    15. Turn on your favorite upbeat songs and have a dance party! (or a silly string fight...I totally lost by the way
    16. Work on the one body weight exercise that you have never been able to do well and perfect it
    17. Stop watching the news so much! (Ok this is really just for me

    Remember we have been given the gift of time, for so many of us we are constantly busy and never seem to have to for anything or anyone. We may have to connect with others in a different way and we can connect. It is important to choose to look at being at home in the most positive way possible. If we do not take active steps to look at the positive things we can very easily allow our mental health to slip.

    Be safe everyone and thank you to all of the grocery store workers, healthcare workers, all those that deliver items so the rest of us can be safe and anyone else putting your own health at risk to serve others and keep them safe, thank you <3.


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    • Getting outside is a key strategy for me. Fortunately, we're privileged to have a sizeable yard and the houses in the neighborhood are spread out so walking the dog is totally possible without even being on the other side of the street. We have no neighbors in the back--it's an open woods. I probably won't walk back there because of ticks (there are no trails) but it's open space.
    • Gardening is another good strategy for me. It is a life-giving feeling to garden even when there is not a pandemic! Prepping a garden bed in heavy clay soil provides a moderate cardio workout with some mild strength thrown in. And then planting seeds, transplants, etc. is soothing. Plus, it may help with actual food supply this year instead of just being a hobby.
    • I've been keeping in touch by phone with my parents, adult children who live far away, and friends. I usually call one or two people a day, just to connect.
    • Box breathing (also called square breathing) is really helpful when I feel my anxiety level going up. I first read about it reading an article about special forces. It's the breathing pattern they use so they can relax or sleep even in a war zone. There are a lot of online gifs, youtube videos, etc.
    • Exercise, though it's been harder to get it in than I would like. OTOH, there are so many new routines to get used to.
    • I plan to start journaling. This is a historical time period for one thing. It will provide a record and also an outlet to process what is going on. I'll also list things I'm grateful for.
    • Making sure I get enough sleep.
    • Having some inside projects to work on: finishing editing my dad's memoirs, working on a website, etc.
    • I'm going to start practicing foreign languages again.


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      These are wonderful tools!! Thank you so much for sharing, I love these!!! I am so happy to see that you are staying in touch with people! I have been having a date with a friend on the phone while we both walk for a little mid day is something I absolutely look forward to!

      Yes 4 squared breathing is amazing.. for everyone that does not know what it is it is 4 counts in through your nose, hold for 4, breathe out for 4 and hold for 4 then do it again, this is probably my favorite breathing technique. Also try a technique that is breathing out twice what you breath in such as 4 count in and 8 count out or 5 in and 10 out...this is a lovely breathing technique. Also you can try the scan..start at the floor and scan very slowly taking in everything you see up to the ceiling describing everything in your brain. There is also 5 things you can see and describe with your eyes, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell and one thing you can taste and do them all very experiencially be in the moment.

      What language do you want to learn? I have picked up arabic at least 12 times and I never seem to get past a couple of days

      Although we have been told to stay at home for the last week and a half, we just got put into a three week lock down today, I am looking forward to the way I can make the days fun!! Seriously my goal in life right now, how to make life amazing while locked down at home. We got this!!!