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    Does anyone have any advice on how I can become a coach? I'm an engineer by trade, and I enjoy training strongman in the afternoons. I do quite a bit of reading about strength training and I have helped a few beginners before, but I haven't got any formal training in this field. I'm considering different exams/certification pathways. I am also taking an Emerging Strategies course with Mike T. and RTS. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that I don't care about a certification for learning's sake, but rather I want it as a kind of insurance. I think self-study and continual evaluation of my performance as a coach is a lot more instructive as to the efficacy of my methodology than any certification course or exam will be. I also don't really have time to apprentice with anyone during the day, because I don't plan to quit my day job. What would you all recommend?

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    IG / YT


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      Thanks for the response. I think I've seen this video a while ago, and I'm going to rewatch it to make sure I haven't missed anything, but I don't recall you guys ever bringing up the legal side of things. My concern is that if I don't have a cert that I am opening myself up to getting sued.


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        If you're concerned about getting sued, be sure you get some insurance. A certification isn't protection against that, as far as I know.


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          Thanks, Leah! That was the answer I was looking for. I obviously don't expect that anyone would sue me, but I want to be sure I am not risking everything for what is essentially a side hustle. I'm really not so concerned about having letters after my name.