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  • What shorts ?

    Hey BBM members!

    just a quick one what shorts do people wear for the gym ?
    I currently use Nike Dry-fit but I’m having a issue with them ripping and wearing easily due to being baggy to the knee and when deadlifting I believe it’s damaging the material.

    its not a big issue just wanted to ask what shorts people use and if they have had this problem.

    kind regards.

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    I really like the Ten Thousand Foundation shorts, despite being IG ad targeted. Super durable, comfortable and stretchy. I found a coupon code. I have a pair of the longer cut and shorter,nand prefer the shorter for squatting as they don’t bunch up as much around my knee sleeves.


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      Soffee shorts , adidas soccer shorts , compression shorts.


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        I hate long, baggy shorts and like to squat in as short and snug of shorts as possible. Soffee shorts, like Brett suggested, are a good, cheap option. I personally own a few pairs of these and love them Not as cheap as Soffees, but $25 ain't bad. Just the right amount of stretch and surprisingly durable and breathable in my experience. The slogan on the leg is kinda cringe IMO, so I stick with the monochromatic ones where it's hidden. I also own a pair of Barbell Commission V1 compression shorts, which are a little expensive but I like Kevin Oak and don't mind throwing some extra money his way. I especially like using them on comp squat days towards the end of a meet prep cycle because I feel like they simulate the feeling of squatting in a singlet. I've found the material is a little thicker than other brands, which is nice because it keeps me from subjecting other gym-goers to seeing a detailed outline of my dick and balls haha.

        For deadlifts, I usually wear pants because I pull sumo and they protect my legs from getting torn up by the barbell knurling (not as much of an issue if you pull conventional). I like Adidas Tiro training pants because they're very snug (almost like leggings) so the bar doesn't catch on them. In the hot summer months, though, I just wear my short shorts/compression shorts and long socks.


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          Cheers guys


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            for deadlifting, long and snug: skinz compression running tights
            for squats, short and thin: soffe ranger panties


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              i purchased best and too comfy athletic shorts is lowest price from,


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                I usually buy in local stores, but you should pay attention to the exercises that you will do. I had long shorts that were awfully uncomfortable to squat in, but they were suitable when it was cold. Therefore, now I have two pairs of shorts.