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Weird comments on Bill Gates Covid-19 videos

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  • Weird comments on Bill Gates Covid-19 videos

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something here. On almost every single video of Bill Gates being interviewed about his insight into the current Covid-19 situation, there is an overwhelming amount of negative feedback. The comments all seem to reflect beliefs that he is lying about everything, has evil intentions, and that the whole situation is a scam to introduce a vaccine for the purpose of controlling/killing everyone?
    I understand that there are antivaxers and conspiracy theorists out there, but the amount commenting on these videos is terribly significant. It's almost every single comment. Definitely have a look at the BBC interview to get an idea of what I'm talking about.
    Does anyone know why there are SO MANY of these people making themselves heard at the moment? I like to feel that common sense usually prevails but it doesn't seem like it here. Is there someone with a very large following telling people to do this? I'm honestly confused...

    Edit: His Instagram comments are just as bad, if not worse.
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    Gates has become the new George Soros for certain segments of the US and pandemics spawn more than their share of conspiracy theorists. There is all kinds of crazy stuff out there. There is also active disinformation going on. Wrt disinformation, ask yourself if people were to believe this, who/what cause would benefit? and its variants, such as "Who/what cause does the truth harm?" That will usually lead to a very plausible answer. You can also google "Bill Gates conspiracy theories" but I think it's helpful to do the thought exercise on my own first and then go look.


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      Read the post Kennedy made about Gates and all the children he killed in India w his vaccines.Ill see if i can find it.
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