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Insurance coverage for coaching out of a home gym

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  • Insurance coverage for coaching out of a home gym

    Would anyone have any recommendations on where to look for liability insurance coverage for coaching out of a home gym? I am looking at starting a bit of a side gig with coaching some people out of my home gym, but the insurance companies I've communicated with that offer personal training and coaching coverage don't cover training in home gyms.

    Further, I am a licensed Physical Therapist by trade and also considering offering some Physical Therapy services in conjunction with the barbell training. I am also trying to figure out of there is a way to get both the coaching and PT covered by the same insurance company/policy which would also be more cost efficient, or if the best way is to get these insured separately?

    I am just getting into figuring this out and not exactly sure where to start with this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You