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  • Barbell path tracking app

    I had some spare time during covid lockdown, so I created a free barbell trajectory tracking app for android. It also gives you approximate info about vertical velocity, acceleration, power and force output. You just have to record yourself from the side angle. Any feedback is highly appreciated . Link:

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    Looks pretty cool.


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      Really neat. Is a PC version possible?

      I tried with on of my videos that I happened to have on my phone and it didn't work, saying it wasn't able to find the barbell. (The various explanations all seemed possible.)

      But I tried it with someone else's bench video and it looked really good. Eager to try this after my next workout.



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        The barbell detection algorithm should be pretty robust. Make sure that the barbell plate is fully visible on the first frame. If it keeps failing, you can send me a video screenshot and I'll try to address it.

        PC version is definitely possible, although it will take me probably 1 - 2 months to create, as I'm still working on some features for the mobile app.


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          Does it have the capability of overlaying the graph along with the video on a export file?


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            Currently no, but thats a great idea, I'll add a switch in the settings menu.


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              I tried out the app today. It work well!


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                Tried the app today, really neat. If you have time, had a couple of things that I'm probably being stupid on:

                1) Wanted to export the results so I could kind of zoom in in a graph and see the length of pause on my pause DL today (i.e. start/stop) and couldn't figure out the export. I would start the export and the cancel button would appear but it did not seem to save it to another folder (like I had thought it might?)

                2) I used it on my bench but instead of showing the path of the BB it seemed to take a rather circuitous route. I would be very happy if I could make a BB with 230 actually move around like that from a laying position XD. Screenshot included (since I couldn't figure out the export, sorry!)

                Click image for larger version

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                  I guess the one thing I would prefer is it showed the green path for one rep at a time. For example the previous rep disappears when you reach the starting point.

                  Overall its a cool app. I learned that my squat pattern is definitely not straight up and down.


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                    philibusters You can "zoom in" and move the charts so that only one rep is visible.

                    Smokes As for the export, it is very very slow right now, thats probably why it gets stuck at the cancel button (esp. with higher res videos), but Im working on it. Are you sure you are not stepping in front of the plate?


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                      karol123 I didn't step in front of the plate on that video, but I did step in front of the camera. I'll do my best to stay out of the video--the squats and deadlifts I did all turned out great, except it confirmed what I already suspected and that is on my HBBS I do travel a little forward from top to bottom.