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    I’m starting to get a small collection of bars. Currently, my storage is: in the j hooks, standing in corner, leaning on wall, and set on floor. I want to get organized. For those of you with the same “problem”, how do you store yours? I’ve looked at the gun rack style, the one that is set on the floor for storing vertically, and doing something custom using 2x lumber and/or garage storage hooks. If I only had straight barbells, I’d probably go with a gun rack, but I have a SSB and would consider other specialty bars like a trap bar. I’m apprehensive about spending on something that only works for some bars or where I have to waste slots to get things to fit.

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    I've got one of the gun style rack things that I use for a powerbar, a rackable curl bar and a training bar. It works as you think it would work--tradeoff of outside rack space (i.e. if you hang it on your rack you have effectively closed that space off from something else) for convenience. I have a Rogue690 so it has a lot of space, but not infrequently my wife and I have found ourselves training at the same time (or sometimes my daughter) and as soon as I could get a 2nd set of jcups (so that both portions of the rack can be usable) I'll be moving it to the wall.

    When budget allows I'll get a SSB and my plan is to just have that on its own hung on the wall.


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