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  • Fid bench?

    Hey everyone. I have a rep fitness flat bench but looking to add an incline bench or FID bench. I planned on getting the rep fitness AB-3000 but after a 3 hour wait yesterday to get on the website all the benches were sold out. I started looking around and found a few but not sure about them. The cheapest option was a Titan FID and a York STS bench. Anyone know any other good benches that won’t break the bank? Looking to stay around the 250-300 mark

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    I wish I had the perfect recommendation. When I was looking last fall, the Vulcan Prime (incline) was on my short list and it was $369 with free shipping. But, I just tried to check for you and their website is closed until Thursday. It seems like all the good values are hard to get right now. Since you already have a flat bench, if I were you, I would wait for rep fitness to replenish stock.


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      I am not in a rush but it seems rep fitness is slow and doing things a bit mismanaged. You can’t place a back order and they never notify you if things come back in stock so I’ve started looking elsewhere. I’m sure things will get back to normal once gyms open up but still looking just in case I find a deal.