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What Does Moderate Drinking Mean?

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  • What Does Moderate Drinking Mean?

    It’s hard for me to take the government guidelines seriously when they say no more than 2 drinks per day for men. A drink is defined as 1.5 oz for hard liquor, which is a good sized shot glass. How can they generalize this when everyone has different bodyweight and tolerance? Two shots for most people seems a bit much.

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    Honestly, I think every individual will recognize if they are drinking excessively. If you feel like crap after drinking, you're drinking too much. Also, if you're wondering if you're drinking too much you probably are.
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      An old roommate from college used to get headaches if he just drank beer. Some people are functional alcoholics so it really is hard to generalize for people. Personally, I probably have 3-4 beers a week with my dinner and I sometimes take a few months off from drinking. I never notice a difference.


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        I prefer to consolidate the daily guidelines to a Saturday afternoon / evening.