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Buying Clothes that Fit

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  • mickeydoogs
    Not sure how big you need - for example I have had thighs up to 26" before and wore Levis 541 jeans. As far as upper body goes I have never been huge but Gymshark and Arcteryx are a couple of brands I've found to have more athletic cuts to their tops. Should be able to size up appropriately and not have a parachute around your stomach.

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  • Snake Plissken
    I'm pretty cheap with clothes (I'm not paying 100 bucks for "weightlifter" jeans).

    Shirts: I wear a lot of flannels and long sleeved shirts and sweaters in the winter. Usually larges on everything and only real issue is sometimes my flannels are kinda tight if I try to reach for something far away. In the summer I'm usually wearing a tank top or t-shirt or a L - XL long sleeve button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

    Pants/Shorts: I wear regular fit or relaxed fit wrangler jeans w/ the stretch. For shorts Aeropostale makes pretty decent shorts with stretch in them too. I'll also wear silkies if I'm going to the gulf or anything.

    I'm usually around 195-200lb, 5'11"

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  • The_Toby
    started a topic Buying Clothes that Fit

    Buying Clothes that Fit

    Hi all,

    where do you guys get your normal, every-day clothes?
    You will know the struggle that most off-the-shelf clothes do not fit once you don't have an average Joe body,
    i.e. they will either be too tight around the chest, shoulders, thighs and glutes, or if you buy wider clothes, they will look like maternity clothes around your waist.

    Apparently there are some brands specialising on athletic builds, e.g. Olympvs, Aesparel, or Tailored Athlete.
    Has anyone made any experience with these and can tell how the quality is?

    Any other recommendation would be appreciated too.