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    Hey Jordan and Austin. You both are very well read and great at critical thinking. I'm sure a lot of that has been honed in from medical school but my intuition tells me that there must have been some books outside of scientific literature to help you with that. Do you have any book recommendations regarding critical thinking? Do you have any book recommendations in general? Thanks.

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    Jordan's 2012 blog post on this topic

    Jordan's 2016 blog post on this topic

    I hope these are what you were looking for
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      Wow, wonder if he still recommends any of that 2012 stuff.

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    Thanks, Serack! I should have noted aside from the blog posts sorry. I remember Austin saying in some video/podcast he was going to release his reading list. I appreciate you responding though.


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      Happy to. Directing people to or agrigating existing content is kinda my thing on the interwebs.

      Forum topics and other links I've found useful


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        Hi, I really happy to recommend you the book I just finished to read and it's truly helpful and amazing. A Workbook for Arguments builds on Anthony Weston’s A Rulebook for Arguments to provide a complete textbook for a course in critical thinking or informal logic. The second edition. Enjoy!


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