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  • Manchester NH Powerlifting Gym Free State Barbell Club

    Hello All!

    I am one of the owners of Cambridge Strength and Conditioning (Arlington, MA) and have recently opened another powerlifting gym in Manchester, New Hampshire that is closer to home for me. Both are great options for training for powerlifting and we are starting to host meets at both locations. CSC will host a USAPL meet on November 21st and Free State Barbell Club will host the first ever drug tested USPA meet in NH on August 14th. Both gyms are 24/7/365 key club access. We are mostly calibrated kilo plates and competition equipment such as combo racks.

    Free State Barbell Club- website: Instagram: Email: [email protected]
    270 Amory Street Manchester, NH

    Please reach out with any questions!

    Micah and Wayne

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    Is there a 1 inch standard bar anywhere that will take more than 150 kilos?


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      Not that I am aware of. You could get creative and find an old york split sleeve barbell. If you remove the outer portion of the collar I believe you would be left with about a 1inch bar. 28mm is just over 1 inch so it will depend on the tolerances of the plates center holes. I have an old split sleeve you could try just to make sure it would work. Reach back out to me by email if you want to try it. I don't check with forum very often.

      USPA Powerlifting meet went very well! We sold out and had over 50 lifters show up. One of our lifters set all of the national records for USPA 181 drug tested. 639 squat, 387 bench, 639 deadlift. He got 300 kilo (661 pounds) to lock out but his hand opened and he lost it. Very proud of our other lifters as well. We had a lot of our members doing their first meets and they looked like veterans. Our next meet is an untested meet December 4th, not listed on the USPA site yet as of this posting. The energy in the building was amazing, check out some of the videos on our Instagram. We are looking to host about 4 USPA meets a year at Free State Barbell Club (FSBBC) in Manchester, NH.