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CDC data on vaccine harm

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  • CDC data on vaccine harm

    I asked our bodybuilding docs for comment in the moderated forum. Unusually, the post was deleted with no reply. OK, unmoderated it is.

    On June 23, U.S. CDC published the following slide deck:

    In a spirit of individuals giving "informed consent" to medical procedures, people should know what the CDC shows.

    - A small number of people get myocarditis or pericarditis from the mRNA vaccines

    - Although small: it's nearly an order of magnitude more than what they'd expected from Stage 3 studies. See slides 27 and 28

    - Roughly speaking: for each million courses (2-dose) of mRNA vacc, they expected to see a few dozen cases - and instead, are seeing hundreds of cases.

    - The math is: IF it's a reliable trend, doing the entire U.S. population would lead to at least 100,000 cases.

    - A majority of cases hit men in their 20s and 30s. See slide 18.

    I have no agenda or position... except maybe 1) promote ethical "informed consent" and 2) learn from the replies (as nobody knows everything and I surely don't).
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