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1 inch barbell update

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  • Phyzical
    150 kilos seems like a lot though. If you need more than 150 kilos on the bar will you really be able to make do with just a weight vest? It's a great idea though and anything that works works.
    Also people make sand bags and lift them. Alan Thrall has some videos about it on YouTube. Jugs filled with sand or water can be used for arms.

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  • Knurl
    started a topic 1 inch barbell update

    1 inch barbell update

    Having established that I can’t get a 1 inch barbell with a gauranteed limit over 150 kilos made a weighted vest from three layers of old dust sheet/drop cloth in the form of a tabard with a big pocket back and front . Put weights in ( present 10 kilos back and front,it will take more) and lift it over my head,then squat with the barbell. This means I don’t have to overload my 1 inch barbell and risk death or serious injury if it breaks. I know a weighted vest is not a new idea but I’m on a severs budget and this cost me nothing apart from about 2 hours of sewing.