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Work/life balance and training

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  • Work/life balance and training

    tl;dr: work is getting in the way of training. what do?

    For me, training is the most important thing in my life, followed by family. I have personally found that if I can’t train, I become a negative contributor to my family’s wellbeing.

    For the first time in my life, I’m considering switching careers or asking for a demotion at work in order to prioritize my training, and in turn increasing the amount of time I have available to train, subsequently improving the quality and quantity of time I can spend with my family.

    Is this crazy and does anyone have any advice on how best to mentally map through something like this?

    My primary challenge is that as I approach more mid-intermediate to advanced levels of training/programming, my training sessions just take longer to complete.

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    I'm no expert in these matters but I think it could be helpful to try to assess your relationship with training. Why does it have such an impact on your relationship with your family and life? If it's that exercise helps your mood, maybe there's other forms of exercise you could squeeze in quickly if regular training gets interrupted. Also, about the career change or demotion, if your family is financially reliable on you how might that affect your relationship with them if you start bringing in less? Hope this isn't coming off as a lecture especially considering I don't know your full situation, but I think taking a real step back and considering the pros and cons of the different paths you could take would be a good idea before making a big decision.