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    i recognize your screen name from the SS forums, but a post with nothing but a link screams spam/malware bait to me, so no thanks
    Forum topics and other links I've found useful


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      Malware from instagram?


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        The below link actually leads to my bbm forum based profile. Forum links don't have to direct to where they indicate on the face. That said, after I wrote the above post, I copied and pasted the underlying address for the OP link, and it does appear to lead to instagram.

        The three topics in the "unmoderated" parent directly posted by MetalHeader, those make me want to dip my computer in bleach, and they like others motivated me to drop a mention on not making your posts look like spam, and identifying spam when you come across it...
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        Forum topics and other links I've found useful


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          If you move your cursor over a link your browser will tell you where it goes at the bottom, no need to copy and paste.


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            I was on the iphone at the time.