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    So a few days after I bought some templates I had someone try and use my credit card.

    Anyone else have fraudulent charges after making a purchase here?

    It could obviously be anything, and is more likely coincidence than not -- especially since the checkout page is https, but just checking.

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    Nope. I had no issues.
    Elton's Log


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      I believe that is definitely a case of correlation and not causation.


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        These are very dangerous cases that should always be checked. Just two months ago I was able to finally save up the necessary amount of money to buy my first car and everything was fine, but when I arrived at the car dealership I realized that that there is not enough money on my card and now I was missing about 2,300 euros. Actually, this is not such a big amount, and I thought about taking this amount on credit from the bank. I consulted with my friends and they advised me to start reading reviews on different banks and even suggested a great site for me ... After I read about one bank on the site prestamos/ I was very happy because there were really very low interest and I would not have to overpay. So in the end I bought my car. But the price increase is really very bad.