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New Tattoo question.

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  • New Tattoo question.

    This is a somewhat of a random question for these forums I feel, but I am just curious for those that have gotten tattoos.

    My tattoo is on my left quad. How long should I wait before returning to deadlifts so that I don't mess up the tattoo by scraping it with the bar?

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    Honestly I’d just wear sweats and keep going.


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      Slather the new tat with Aquaphor and hit the gym. If you want to be extra conscientious you can wrap your thigh with a couple loops of Saran cling wrap after putting a generous layer of aquaphor over the new ink. You can also use bacitracin or neosporin or triple antibiotic cream... really any clear ointment that is color safe and gives the skin a moisture barrier. The antibiotic creams are especially useful in areas prone to topical soiling -- which tends to be anything below the waist.

      Epithelial cells (the ones in your skin) heal better (divide faster and thus repair tissue damage more effectively) in a slightly moist environment. Not sopping wet or fully immersed -- that leads to cell damage. But a thin layer of moisturizing lotion or mild topical antibiotic cream is perfect to speed skin healing. Think of your new tat as akin to a second degree burn... there's deep damage all the way to the dermal layer but not so severe that the cells are dead (that would be a third degree burn). The skin will weep fluid for a few days and be prone to superficial infection if not protected (that's why the tattoo artist wrapped/sealed it before you left the studio). Once the tat scabs over and is no longer oozing serous fluid, you're out of the skin infection risk window, but I still recommend keeping a thin layer of moisturizer applied twice daily until after the damaged skin has peeled.