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  • Cholesterol!

    Hey all, got an inquiry involving cholesterol. My buddy and I are both attempting to eat an increased amount of animal proteins (and have been doing so now for roughly 4 months) to induce some hypertrophy (obviously). However, we both recently got blood work and our cholesterol was slightly elevated. Mine is 230 and his is 220. Before changing our diets, our cholesterol was around 185. I know in the podcasts Jordan and Austin always talks about how dietary cholesterol only plays a minor role in serum cholesterol, but it's odd that both my and his cholesterol went up like this. I'm not sure of all of my buddy's lipid levels, but here are mine (the numbers in the left column are mine and the numbers in the right are the normal range):
    CHOLESTEROL 231 mg/dL 120 - 200 mg/dL
    TRIGLYCERIDE 128 mg/dL <150 mg/dL
    HDL CHOLESTEROL 46 mg/dL >=40 mg/dL
    CHOL/HDL 5.0
    NON-HDL CHOLESTEROL 185 mg/dL mg/dL
    LDL CHOLESTEROL 159 mg/dL mg/dL
    Our diet change basically involved;
    a. eating a meal of red meat (mostly ground beef b/c it's affordable) almost every day - this protein source used to be chicken or poultry
    b. eating 4-6 whole eggs every day (and yes I have heard all the podcasts and read some primary sources about how eating whole eggs shouldn't raise your cholesterol).
    c. probably eating more overall calories - though we are not counting cals

    Other than that our diet has stayed the same, we both supplement with whey and try to eat meals with protein for every meal.

    My question is specifically, what could have caused the increase in cholesterol levels if not diet? The internet is rife with (probably fallacious) dietary solutions to lowering cholesterol, but how could we lower ours with non-dietary/ pharm intervention? Also, does saturated fat dietary intake contribute significantly to serum cholesterol?


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    I believe you are better off posting this in the moderated section of the forums to have a doc weigh in.


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      Ah ok, wasn't sure of where to post as this is my first time posting on the forums. Thanks.


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        Not a doc, but chicken and fish should be your choice for protein as well as beans, chia seeds and veggies. Red meat as major source is not good for reducing your problems with chloresteral and unhealthy fats. Use Gainzz or other whey protein. I am guessing you are much younger than me and your blood panel indicates need for lifestyle change. You should sign up for the nutrition part of Barbell medicine as well as a mix of conditioning and strength traing and pay the price. Living healthy is much better than pursuing the pandemic standard American diet which leads to poor health.

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          *checks "about" page on profile*

          Bunch of empty. Curious, do we have an MD among our forum posters now?

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          red meat doesn't have anymore cholesterol than there's that.

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        close family includes 5 medical doctors, 4 RNs and one corpsman.