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  • Quick question about certain foods

    Hey so I’ve had some random pain lately in my teeth, I’ve noticed in my back teeth and it happens particularly when eating crunchy and sometimes chewy foods, it’s been really tough to get 590 carbs on some days and I’ve been drinking a can of soda almost every day of 12 oz or so that I can keep up with getting all my carbs and on my higher carb days I’ve been eating candy a lot of the time as well, could this have some reason to do with why I’m having this dull ache in my teeth, should soda be avoided for a certain period of time to avoid symptoms like this?

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    Could be the cause, soda or fizzy drinks or soft drinks or whatever and candy or sweets are an anathema to the teeth. I am all for flexible type dieting, but that doesn't sound good for the teeth, nor the gut. I personally would feel ugh...

    There must be better ways of getting carbs in. Protein shake with oats and milk blitzed? Jordan suggested during the Seattle Q&A recently protein shake with oats, ice-cream, and peanut butter as a good and easy way to get more calories in. Maybe cut back on the ice-cream and use milk and use more oats. Job done. You could get oat powders from a bulk powder/supplement supplier. I know in Europe MyProtein has oat bran (ground oats) and other similar things or even maltodextrin drinking powder thingys. I am sure True Nutrition in the US has a bunch of carb powders.

    Pasta is a great way of getting easily digestible carbs in. Much easier to eat a lot of volume than rice. Bingo. Carbs galore.

    I would personally stay away from soda and candy. A bit here and there is fine if they fit your macros, but as a daily consumption, probably not.


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      A lot of sodas and candy have acid in them. So if you eat/drink any rinse your mouth out with water. Then as soon as you can brush your teeth to get rid of any sugar, you don't need toothpaste just give them a good once over.

      You're probably wearing away the weakened enamel on your teeth with the acid/sugar.


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        Talk to your dentist about sensitivity on your teeth. I've had issues with this, and it was the way I was brushing (too aggressively) along with using a whitening toothpaste which also increases sensitivity. Moving to an electric toothbrush (Sonicare in my case) along with using Sensodyne toothpaste fixed the issue. YMMV.