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how many eggs?

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  • how many eggs?

    i eat 5 eggs a day, is this healthy? generally i will have scrambled eggs(3) for breakfast and hard boiled(2) in the afternoon. Been doing this for a while now. just curious if there were any side effects or potential health concerns from doing this.

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    Someone asked this is the Nutrition Q&A forum and Jordon said it depends on your genetics. So I guess there's no way to know without getting your cholesterol checked. Though five eggs a day isn't a lot compared so what some people eat a day.

    Originally posted by Jordan Feigenbaum View Post

    For many, it doesn't matter. However, a high saturated fat intake in others can cause deleterious changes in their lipid panel. So, it depends.


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      Five per day? Rookie numbers.

      36 is where the magic happens..


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        Eh, I have eaten 4 eggs a day for breakfast for years (and on bulking cycles like currently, 2 strips of bacon as well). My labs always come back pristine. If you have no medical history that says otherwise, I personally wouldn't worry about it until when/if your dr yells at you about your labs.


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          Yeah, unless you've got hypercholesterolemia, you're probably fine.