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Has anyone tried the "Big Breakfast" Diet?

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  • Has anyone tried the "Big Breakfast" Diet?

    I have heard from many people about this diet. I am assuming you are referring to the diet of a big breakfast, medium sized lunch, and small dinner? if so, yes this diet is effective. Share your thoughts.

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    Why do you think this diet is effective?


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      My thought is that I don't like to go to bed hungry, it's not good for my sleep quality.

      Good sleep helps diet compliance a lot -- sleepy people are hungrier and have poor willpower.

      So I would favor big dinners and lighter breakfast/lunch, myself.


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        Effective for what?


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          Can you maintain compliance long term? If so then it’s a good diet


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            In the end it's the amount of calories you consume vs the amount your body uses, that's about it other than the percentages of your macros perhaps.


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              It can work for some people.

              Also let me use some words.

              Different people, with different goals, will choose different "nutritional strategies" to help them get there.

              Some people - want to gain wait, lose weight, or maintain their weight.

              To another degree people want to get strong, and eat in a way that supports that goal.

              And then many people, their number one concern is longevity.

              Those are all different goals, and people move towards them with different emphases and strategies.


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                Pure conjecture, but... I think that this "diet" is aimed towards the sedentary population. I remember hearing Dr. Oz recommend it: breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a peasant; I think was the catchphrase he used.

                BBM generally recommends (at least in "To Be a Beast"), as well as Rippetoe, to consume carb heavy meals in your periworkout window. Given that a large proportion of the population is sedentary, I would assume it is trying to give individuals ample time to burn off high Calorie meals before they go to bed. Whatever I eat for breakfast, I get hungry within an hour or two, even with my typical 750 Cal breakfast.


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                  I am of the mindset that most diets work... wait let me rephrase that... if people want to reduce size many reductionist food plans can work when followed with fidelity and consistency. Now should they be always used no there are some..... hmmmm, how shall I express myself... Interesting.. yes interesting diets to reduce out there and most are painted up and books are written and sold or websites collect money to ultimately reduce the amount of calories consumed. So will this particular reductionist food plan work.. probably for some people. Others need to eat most of their calories later, still others maintain consistency with calories eating every two - three hours. Basically if it works for you, why not try it. I suspect if you are on this forum you are possibly lifting so you may want to insure that you maintain at least an appropriate amount of protein with it but ultimately make sure you don't take in too many calories. The person that consumed 750 calories breakfast... first I am supper Jelly over that, but second they may be able to take on many more calories than others so make sure you do some figuring for yourself.

                  Good luck