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    Hey everyone. I am sure most here would say that a Keto diet is not the best diet for our goals and lifting weights. I agree but I do have some questions, but first a little backstory. My wife has been trying to lose weight from after having a child. She goes to the gym and does classes like spin and what not when she can. Her and her doctor have talked about her weight and seeing is she would be a candidate for gastric bypass and the sleeve and all that stuff. I think it sounds a bit crazy but if it makes her happy ill support her. So the doctor told her she had some issues with cholesterol and to stick to a low fat diet. The other day we were talking on a walk and she was saying I need to loose some more weight but I don't know what to do. I don't eat enough protein. She has based all her numbers off what medical professionals base dietician numbers on. So the recommended dosage of protein, carbs and fats. My wife stated that she was eating something like 1800 kcals a day. She went through her diet and I tried to explain that she might need to try a lower carb diet as some people respond differently to carbs than others. I myself am feeling that I might benefit from lower carbs to help lose weight. My wife stated she didn't want to do that as the cholesterol issue her doctors talked to her about. I didn't press the issue as I know the issues a spouse can have if they try to help.

    Anyway fast forward and today my wife says she wants to go Keto as she thinks its easy and a good way to lose weight. I have done some research on how to do it and thought about it in the past but I love carbs. She asked me to do it with her and I declined but after thinking about it I want to be supportive and need to lose some weight. So my question is what advice can I get for a low carb diet? How does one set that up as most of the stuff I have done has been Low fat high protein.

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    if you love carbs that much keto is going to be far from easy! and from my understanding (from what my dad's RD told him) you should avoid saturated fats if you have high cholesterol, and keto seems even harder to do if you cant rely on animal fats and dairy.

    also i dont think people respond differently to carbs from a weight loss point. If she eats 1800 kCal a day from far or carbs it wont matter other than from compliance and adherence to her diet. keto wont make more weight loss unless it allows you to eat less calories in a day.

    I know a friend who lost 60 pounds from keto though. He wrapped most of his meals in bacon and used cooking oils for every meal lol. Just meat, oils, cheese, and green veggies basically is all he could eat.

    sorry i dont have much help and I know convincing a partner of something is tough, but I wish you luck if you do decide to try keto!


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      I did Keto a few years ago. These were my takeaways.

      Pros: In a vacuum, it's very easy. The food is fatty and tastes good. It's a fairly popular diet, so recipes are easy to come by. If you read your food labels and meal prep it's very simple.

      Cons: Social situations were a pain in the ass/dreadful. Carbs are everywhere. Be prepared to bring you own keto friendly food to parties, cookouts, tailgates....whatever you do with friends. When dining out, your menu options at most restaurants are cut to a third or more. Most of the time your left with fatty salads or a meat and veggie combo. Special orders galore. If you enjoy alcohol, say bye-bye to beer, tonic, and most mixers. I found the hangovers were miserable on keto, and there's little comfort food the next day without cards.

      Results: I lost about 30lbs in 3 months doing keto. The most rapid weight loss I've ever achieved. I put it right back on, and more, over the next 9 months. I essentially went on a tour-de-carbs the second I got off it.


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        I have been on keto since May 2018. I lost 50lb, and have gained back 6lb through weightlifting while maintaining/losing waist circumference. I actually am finding it decently hard to enough enough to gain weight.

        Keto is going to be my forever-diet mostly because I have a mental health issue, and through keto, I have cut my meds in half so far. That's why I do it. Not because I think it's the optimum human diet. I started it on a weightloss journey, and stayed with it because it allowed me to lower my meds. It's a very n of 1.

        I agree with Ben N as far as his Pros and Cons. Results will vary on the person. Most people who go back to high carb DO put the weight back on. However, people that I know that maintain a low (100-200g carb/day) tend to be able to maintain their weight. Carbs are easy for some people to overeat (not everyone). Fat can also be easy to overeat for some people (which is why not everyone loses weight on keto).

        Really, my big advice is: eat real food and watch your calories. If it's easier to maintain your calorie intake with higher fat, eat higher fat/lower carb. If it's easier to maintain your calorie intake with higher carb and low fat, do that.


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