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Do refined sugars pose a health risk to the liver?

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  • Do refined sugars pose a health risk to the liver?

    I had a discussion with a medical professional (claims to be a medical resident) who said she has done extensive research on sugar metabolism, and that refined sugar is toxic/inflammatory to the liver. I responded with essentially "the dose makes the poison," and the rebuttal was "that's true about anything." I have struggled to find conclusive evidence of refined sugar CAUSING liver inflammation, but she claims that is because I don't understand the biochemistry.

    Is there a safe limit to how much refined sugar we can eat? Is this negligible in the larger context of an overall balanced diet and a solid resistance training program?

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    This looked interesting:

    I've gotten somewhat comfortable reading studies that compare gains from different exercise protocols, but the observational stuff is over my head. Hopefully you have an easier time with it.

    WHO guidelines: recommend keeping sugar under 10% of calories consumed (excluding milk, fruits and vegetables). Doesn't mention liver health, the main concerns are BW and tooth health.

    IMO sugar is mostly problematic when it is contributing to overeating.

    IMO if you are doing a great job at everything mentioned here: and get really bored then it may be worth be worth adhering to the WHO guidelines in order to reduce risk of tooth decay.


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      Thanks for the reply. That was my understanding as well! I can't find a study that shows health risks in isolation of excess calories (except for the tooth decay, but that's not my concern fortunately).