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    I’m really susceptible to advertising and lately I’ve had and enjoyed a couple of the newer Reign Thermogenic energy drinks. Th bro’s say that it enhances your metabolism and helps burn fat. Any science behind this? I’m just beginning my search and thought I would start here.

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    I imagine that if you're not acclimated to it, drinks very high in caffeine like Reign would elevate your heart rate and maybe cause you to burn a few more calories. Even a person who is pretty numbed to caffeine (like me) can get restless after 600mg or so. Maybe you drink three or four energy drinks and can't sit still, thereby burning more calories?


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      I usually limit myself to 300 a day, and take a break once or twice a month so I don’t build up a resistance. I tried to look up the mechanism they are using to advertise their thermo brand and didn’t find anything particularly interesting, so I went back to my classic goto and will stick to calorie deficit for cutting.


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        Case in point: they're bullshit.