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Creatine side-effects

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  • Creatine side-effects

    I've supplemented creatine 2 times. Both times lasted 4-6 months. I take about 6-9 grams per day.

    I've started a third today and I'm wondering what to do to reduce the side-effects.

    One that I really dislike is cramps. After I stop taking creatine, the cramps disappear after a couple of days. But when I start supplementing I get very painful cramps on warmup sets, cramping in legs, chest, biceps, back. The cramping sensation is completely different to ordinary cramps from exertion. The pain is unbearable to the point of almost quitting the gym session. As weights get heavier the cramps go away.

    Another is massive fluid retention (despite my massive sweating). I gain about 5-10% (5-10kg) of my body weight after 4-6 weeks without any increase in calories. I start looking really bloated, muscles of my skull also look ridiculously bloated.

    One good side effect is increased performance as months go by, from 15-30% weight added depending on the progression and lift (my squat responds really well). I'll see how this progression goes, given the irregular training due to corona.
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    Are you 177 kg? At the dose recommended in the video above (.045 grams / kg of bw / day, you should be about 177kg or 390lbs to be dosing 8g per day. The 'easy' way suggests just 5g.

    Double check my math then consider dropping your dose to see if it helps. Otherwise, maybe the juice isn't worth the squeeze and just drop it.


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      3-5g of micronized creatine mono a day, make sure it's fully dissolved (no powder gathering at the bottom), drink a minimum of a gallon of water a day, don't cycle, don't load. and you shouldn't have any problems.
      I used to get real bad diarrhea but ever since I started making sure it was fully dissolved it stopped.


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        Just an update. I reduced the dosage to 6g per day and still gained about 7kg in 6 weeks but had no side effects. I did dissolve it.


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          hi first post


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