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Vegan protein replacement?

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  • Vegan protein replacement?

    Unfortunately we've lost the BBM Vegan protein

    Unable to take whey (makes me sick) so I'm looking for suggestions on a replacement. Ghost has their interesting flavors which are enticing, BUT, I am skeptical due to the fact they do not list the BCAA content on the label (need that 2:1:1). If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know!

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    I don't know the specific names, but I often see articles about soy milk, which is high in protein. If you are interested in powdered protein, you can look here


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      Since you are intolerant to certain foods, you can try including Chia Seeds to your Fruit smoothies or bowls, incude quinoa and sun dried tomatoes (use it to make burger as well), add more of spinach in your stir fried vegetables, these are few options that you can consider taking up in your diet for protein. Also, theres one thing that you should give a try given the restrictions in your diet- start with Vegan protein powders. Ace blend is a plant based vegan protein powder which act like a meal replacement too. You can include that in your daily diet