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  • Rice

    If we are using Alan's method of cooking rice, (1 cup rice, 2 cup fluid), then after it is cooked, how many grams is 1 serving of cooked rice?

    Just make sure we're on the same page, 1 serving meaning 1 serving from Dry rice. X grams of dry rice has more carbs than X grams of cooked rice (since it is filled with water)

    I'm starting to count my macros, and before I would just weigh out 2 servings of dry rice for the day, cook it, then consume all. But it's inconsistent since that has to be done everyday. Much rather make bulk, and properly distribute in the meals.

    Thanks, can't help but to complicate simple things such as cooking Rice.

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    I use one of the cooked jasmine rice options on my food tracker app and make an effort to cook it the same way each time. It's inexact but more than close enough.


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      I count all rice that I prepare the same way - 4 protein, 44 carbs, 0 fat and 200 calories per cooked cup.


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        I weigh it post cooking. A $10 scale makes tracking macros easier and faster.

        You know how many calories you put into it when you cooked the rice, divide out by weight.