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'single ingredient foods' wheat rice and potatos

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  • 'single ingredient foods' wheat rice and potatos

    while listening to barbell medicine one of the key advice Figenbaum gives is to eat single ingredient foods....most wheat products in my diet such as roti bread (flour water yeast) are NOT single ingredient, but bizzarely can rank lower on the glycemic index (insulin response) than single ingredient foods like rice and potatoes

    So should I be eating wheat or are rice/potatoes (starchy) better to eat?

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    I think you're focusing too much on the number of ingredients. It's more about focusing on less processed vs. more processed with less processed usually being better.


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      Not a scientist here, but potatoes were in many places often the only thing people co VidMate uld afford to grow and eat, which is exactly how it became the only thing keeping Ireland alive and why the Potato Famine was so devastating. It has basically all the nutrients and vitamins you need, including potassium, iron and vitamin C. TL;Dr Taters are underrated