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  • R1 (Rule one) protein

    Hey guys!

    I've been eyeing R1 whey protein isolate for some time now as it is currently one of the cheapest (and supposedly) best products (per pound) out on the market where I live.

    However I can't tell if it's spiked or not and I haven't been able to find the amino acid profile on their official site. There is this one link I found but I don't know how accurate that is or of it is legit -

    I also read somewhere that they have no third party testing which again, I can't confirm on their official site.

    Can anyone vouch or renounce this product? Would be greatly appreciated!
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    According to this page on their Website: (, the manufacturing site they use is "GMP certified", and the label of their product says the following:

    "Manufactured in a NSF GMP certified facility in the USA."

    I can't help beyond pointing those things out, unfortunately. The nuances of the various certifications have been difficult for me to grasp.


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      thanks for chiming in. yeah these certifications are confusing.

      the owners are the costello bros (former owners of optimum nutrition), so i will (ignorantly) assume R1 should be good lol