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    Dr. J, I know you have written on protein consumption/timing a lot, but I am selfishly trying to figure out how to best incorporate it into my daily eating regimen. I currently require about 220-240 grams of protein a day based on your tables. I am probably only getting 150-175 grams from my daily meals (eggs, meat, fish, yogurt, etc.). I think adding 2 protein shakes for an extra 50-60 grams would be good to help hit my target. I train in the mornings on an empty stomach and then eat breakfast after my training session at around 8:30 a.m. I eat lunch around 12:30 and then dinner around 7. Would it be fine to take a protein shake before I train a couple of hours before breakfast and then again around 3:30 or 4 between lunch and dinner? Thanks!

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    Hey. Please post this again in the moderated Nutrition section for a reply from Dr. J.