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  • Gaining Weight - Hotel Living 2018

    • ​​​​​​Bodyweight - 155lbs
    • 25 Y/O
    • Height - 5'8
    • Male
    • 18.5% Bodyfat, 32 inch waist
    • Active Duty Military (5+ years, currently re-training into a different career field)

    Looking to weigh 185-190lbs, I am in no rush to get to that weight. I take a PT test in two months (June 2018). I'm living out of a hotel for the next 2 months and have an Instantpot, Rice Cooker, Fridge/Freezer and induction cooktop. I haven't lifted weights in two years so I'm really focused on the nutrition side of the house before I start delving into training which i will slowly add in over the next couple of weeks.

    I'm looking for advice and opinions on what direction I should take with my nutrition.

    Food Items Already Picked Up: RedCon1 MRE Weight gainer, Milk, Cereals, Protein Bars

    A) Meal Prep/Macro Count in the Hotel
    B) Follow Alan Thralls video for bulking: Sample Bulking Diet Video
    C) Order meal prepped food: MegaFit Meals and purchase other grocery items and eat throughout the day with meals

    I just feel a little overwhelmed with everything and not too sure where to start. This is my first time really buckling down with my diet and I trust the community at BBM. I tried to give as much background as possible.

    Schedule (Monday-Friday)
    0530 (5:30am) - 1530 (3:30pm) : In class
    1530 (3:30pm) - 1700 (5:00pm) : Workout, run, etc....
    Rinse and repeat!!!!

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    Thanks for your service. Past USAF here myself. First off, don't be afraid of the chow hall if you have availability to eat there during duty hours. There's plenty of high protein and high carb foods there. You may not be able to be super exact with macros and calories under your circumstances, but the good news is at 25 years old you don't have to be, youth is on your side. Don't be in a super rush to gain weight, somewhere in the .5-1lb pound per week is usually the sweet spot depending on how well your body partitions the weight. Once again, you are young so you can probably push for the higher end of that range. For foods that are easy to cook with what you have available, with the induction cook top you can get a skillet and make bulk meats. With the insta pot you can make bulk rice, beans, vegetables, and even use it to cook chicken reasonably well. You can make large batches of all the above over the weekend, store it in the refrigerator, and microwave during the week. It's really not that hard to bulk, you definitely don't need to do anything fancy. Just eat more food until you're gaining at the rate desired, lift, and win. Also, make sure you're doing conditioning at least a couple times a week if you don't already have mandatory group PT, so you keep your conditioning base for PT test.


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      Thank you for your service as well! That all sounds great! With me being TDY and receiving full per diem because I have a Non-A, I'm making around $40 a day just for food. Hence the reason for mentioning the pre-cooked meals because I got some money rolling in. I didn't even give the DFAC a thought because I couldn't count macros but it makes total sense with you what mentioned.

      I think a good plan to start off with would be to go with Jordan's novice nutrition mention of 3 square meals a day, but I'll skip the GOMAD for now and just do some shakes/snack foods in between meals. Just looking at it now, it does seem pretty easy. Don't need to make things any harder!

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      Yeah, as much as I love optimizing and analyzing numbers, even I wouldn't try to accurately count macros living in a hotel like that, haha. You're basically just in a do the best you can with what you have at your disposal kind of situation. Eat as much protein and carbs as you can, and if the scale isn't moving up at the desired rate, eat more. I definitely wouldn't do GOMAD, you don't want to do a super fast bulk where you just get fat. We want to maximize your partitioning ratios (lb's muscle gained / lb's fat gained) and to do that the sweet spot is typically .5-1lb gain per week (2-4lb per month) for most men early on in their training career. You should easily be able to hit this using the chow hall, an insta pot, and an induction cooktop. Your strength should also move up pretty quickly at that rate.
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    Originally posted by Bertha Seumanu
    My friend gave me permission to use apidex to lose weight. This has reduced my weight significantly.
    Odd, I don't usually ask my friends for permission to take drugs.


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      Looks like Bertha's weight has reduced to nothing. That was very irresponsible of the friend.

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    Sean Herbison really seems to love interacting with spambots
    IG / YT


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      Of course. Now I just need to find a way to pit them against each other.